Portrait of Susan Harris

Susan Harris, MLS

Team Lead

Extension Educator – Rural Health, Wellness, and Safety
Nebraska Extension

P.O. Box 31
Minden, NE 68959

"Mental wellness and quality sleep are the two under-promoted aspects of healthy living that I would like to see all Nebraskans embrace for an overall better quality of life. Our diversified team of professionals is an empowering force to help reach that goal!"

Portrait of Holly Hatton-Bowers

Holly Hatton-Bowers, PhD


Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Extension Specialist
Nebraska Extension

231T Louise Pound Hall
512 N 12th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588-0366

"My scholarly work focuses on cultivating the emotional and mental health and well-being of young children and those who care for them. Being a member of this team provides a great opportunity to collectively enhance and promote the well-being of rural communities which is critically important for supporting children and families to thrive."

Portrait of Melissa Bartels

Melissa Bartels, PhD

Extension Educator – Cropping/Water Systems
Nebraska Extension

451 N. 5th St.
David City, NE 68632

"I joined this team because mental and emotional health affects us all. It is important to teach and learn ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner and to know when to ask for help."

Portrait of Soni Cochran

Soni Cochran, MS

Extension Associate
Interim Disaster Education Coordinator
Community Engagement & Wellness

250 Main Street, Ste 8
Chadron, NE 69337

"I'm a member of the Rural Stress and Family Wellness team because our mental health is important. It impacts personal well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. Rural families and communities in Nebraska are facing unique challenges and in times of stress, it is important to let people know it is okay to reach out for help. Nebraskans are resilient but we all need support when faced with tough times."

Portrait of Lynne DeVries

Lynn DeVries, MS

Extension Educator – Early Childhood
Nebraska Extension

2975 S Baltimore Ave.
Hastings, NE 68901

"I was raised in rural Nebraska and have seen my grandparents and parents go through stressful times as I grew up. I also know firsthand what it is like to survive a destructive tornado, and how this can impact a family. I want to be able to work to support families and to encourage Nebraskans to develop their own communities of care and to connect people to resources that can be of assistance as they weather life’s storms."

Portrait of Kerry Elsen

Kerry Elsen

4-H Youth Development Educator
Nebraska Extension

1400 East 34th Street
Kearney, NE 68847

"Rural Nebraskans are dealing with the most challenging times they have ever faced. I want to be able to provide families with the tools to successfully overcome additional stresses."

Portrait of Linda Emanuel

Linda Emanuel, R. N. Ag Producer

Community Health Nurse
AgriSafe Network


"Mental health matters. My research to practice work of a community health nurse includes a wholistic care approach of meeting producers where they are within the age continuum. Embracing the culture of agriculture to embody a healthy mind is a key component in complete compassionate care."

Portrait of Jean Ann Fischer

Jean Ann Fischer, MS, RDN, LMNT

Extension Educator, Nutrition and Health Sciences
Interim Human Sciences Program Leader, Nebraska Extension
Nebraska Extension


"My work is focused on the prevention of chronic disease and I believe integration of mental health and physical health is essential for well-being and disease prevention."

Portrait of Carrie Gottschalk

Carrie Gottschalk, MS, LMHP

Associate Extension Educator – Early Childhood
Nebraska Extension

322 S. 14th St
Seward, 68434
402-643-2981 office
402-515-3312 cell

"I am a member of the Rural Family Stress and Wellness Team because I am passionate about supporting the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children, youth and families."

Portrait of Jessica Groskopf

Jessica Groskopf

Associate Extension Educator
Nebraska Extension

Panhandle Rsch & Ext Center
4502 Ave I
Scottsbluff, NE 69361-4939

"I love working with farmers, ranchers, and their families to address the challenges of growing food. This includes coping with stress and reducing the feeling of isolation associated with farming and ranching. By building resilient networks of people within our rural communities, we can build a stronger Nebraska."

Portrait of Kayla Henrichs

Kayla Hinrichs

Extension Educator – Food, Nutrition & Health
Nebraska Extension

801 S Street, Suite #1
Ord, Nebraska 68862

"As Extension Professionals, we serve the local communities and the state in so many ways. It is critical that we also care for Extension Staff to remind them how important it is to take time for themselves and their needs. I am excited to be on a team to help identify resources to support Extension Employees wellness in times of disaster recovery. Through our work, we can help make Nebraska Strong!"

Portrait of Michelle Krehbiel

Michelle Krehbiel, PhD, CFLE

Youth Development Specialist/Associate Professor
Nebraska Extension

114 Agriculture Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0700

"As the youth development specialist, I believe it is critical to address mental health issues of child and youth who are experiencing financial stress due to unfavorable economic conditions or losses from natural disasters. Helping children, youth, and families cope with difficult situations will ensure that they will have the skills needed in their adult lives to address challenging times."

Portrait of Glennis McClure

Glennis McClure

Extension Educator – Farm & Ranch Mgmt. Analytics
Nebraska Extension

FYH 303
Lincoln, NE 68583-0922

"I’m passionate about helping farm and rural families and professionals understand stress, coping, helping themselves and others as they may face stress and mental wellness challenges. Reaching out is Nebraska Strong! "

Portrait of Dr. Dave Miers

Dr. Dave Miers, PhD, LIPC

Counseling and Program Development Manager
Mental Health Services, Bryan Medical Center


"Bryan Health is dedicated to improving the health of our community, state and region by offering a wide range of treatments and mental health services, from counseling to 24/7 emergency crisis assistance, outpatient/partial care and inpatient hospitalization. As counseling and program development manager, I am involved in suicide prevention on a local, state and national level. I work in collaboration with the Rural Family Stress and Wellness team to develop strategies to ensure rural families know where and how to connect to services when needed."

Portrait of Linda Reddish

Linda Reddish

Extension Educator, Co-Parenting Coordinator
Nebraska Extension


"I am interested in creating systems of supports within organizations to counter compassion fatigue. I am a part of the Rural Family Stress and Wellness team because I am committed to advocating and promoting the well-being of families, children, and the professionals who work with them."

Portrait of Nikki Roseberry-Keiser

Nikki Roseberry-Keiser, MA

Assistant Vice President, Early Childhood Mental Health
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

President Elect
Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition Board of Directors

215 Centennial Mall South
Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508

"Bringing together stakeholders from across multiple organizations helps to leverage both funding and expertise to assist partners across the state to better serve rural families. This team helps all involved to collaborate in a way that ensures that all organizations build greater capacity and serve more families in a way that is complimentary instead of duplicative."

Portrait of Paul Springer

Paul Springer, PhD, LMHP

Interim Department Chair
Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

205 Louise Pound Hall
Lincoln NE, 68588-0366

"My Scholarly works focuses on improving mental health access for underserved and hard to reach populations. Being a member of this team provides a great opportunity to work with a diversified and talented team of experts who are committed to enhancing and promoting the well-being of rural families in the state of Nebraska."

Portrait of Brandy VanDeWalle

Brandy VanDeWalle

Extension Educator
Nebraska Extension

1340 G St, Geneva, 68361-2005

"I love working with farmers, youth and rural Nebraskans and easily connect with them as I grew up on a small farm in Nebraska as well. I am a member of this team because I am passionate about helping people I serve and want to help them work through any problems they might have."