Updated September 14, 2020

Rural Wellness Programs

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Our Mission

The Rural Family Stress and Wellness Team participates in activities supporting the wellness of rural Nebraska communities by working with community partners and the University of Nebraska.

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Communicating with Farmers Under Stress

In addition to being helpful for working with farmers and ranchers, the workshop educates participants about managing stress in their own lives and teaches how stressors can affect physical health and relationships with family or coworkers.


Mending the Stress Fence

This 20 – 30-minute presentation /workshop is available upon request and can be delivered virtually, in-person, or as an important addition to other agriculture programs. It is designed for farmers and ranchers, their families, and others that work closely with them in the agricultural industry.


Stress and Coping

The Stress and Coping program is intended for adult audiences such as employee groups, organization members, or conference attendees.


Rural Resilience: Farm Stress Training

The Rural Resilience: Farm Stress Training course brings together the knowledge of agriculture and evidence-based approaches in behavioral health to help better equip farmers, their families, and the agricultural community with tools and resources to help in time of need.


QPR Training

The online program that teaches warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to respond.


Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options

Four-part financial record-keeping course for farmers and ranchers.


Sleep Programs

Nebraska Extension offers in-person and online educational programs for all ages, featuring impacts of sleep deprivation and strategies for self-care related to sleep hygiene.