Sleepless in Nebraska

March 10, 2023
Sleepless in Nebraska

Sleep affects every moment of our daily lives, from how we think and remember to how our bodies thrive or deteriorate.  It determines how we deal with stress, make choices related to safety, and function as human beings.  While most health education tends to focus on nutrition and activity, sleep is arguably the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and lack of it causes a significantly reduced quality of life.

Nebraska Extension is committed to providing opportunities that will improve the well-being of individuals by offering in-person or online programs dedicated to sleep deficiency and combatting this public health problem. 

“Sleepless in Nebraska” is available as a program featuring strategies for self-care related to sleep hygiene.  This information is beneficial for staff of any Nebraska business, members of organizations, students, healthcare professionals, and teachers.  Content is customized to fit particular participants’ circumstances with plenty of time for Q & A discussion.  Examples of audiences:  shift workers, ag audiences, conference attendees, club members, employees, or anyone with sleep difficulties. The youth versions for teens and elementary levels provide interactive, fun environments for learning about sleep.  

Resources are available in English and Spanish: | If you would like to learn more about this program and offerings from Nebraska Extension, email